Secure, cost-effective IBM i cloud hosting

Ensuring the stability of your systems is paramount to your business. Moving your IBM i systems to the cloud can help you ensure you save time and money - but how can you have confidence everything will go smoothly?

Litmis Spaces offers you a complete IBM i cloud hosting solution with assurance. When making the move, you will have access to IBM i/AS400 experts that will guide you through the process. Not only can we get a server ready in as little as 48 hours, you will have ample opportunity to test to ensure confidence before migrating.

Everything included in your Space

Secure and Compliant Facility

Gain peace of mind with IBM i cloud hosting. Not only are our data centers HIPAA, SOC 2 and PCI compliant, they are also gated, monitored, and staffed 24/7.

High Availability

Prepare for the unpredictable. Your Space can be your High Availability solution in the cloud. Adding failover protection can reduce or even eliminate loss of service during downtime events.

Cost-Effective and Scalable

Pay for what you use now and scale up at any time. No need to justify buying space you won't use right away. Our IBM i cloud hosting starts at $157/month with a month-to-month contract. No setup fees.

Migration Guidance and Support

Have assurance when moving to the cloud. Count on our IBM i experts to help migrate your systems with little to no downtime. Begin using your IBM i in the cloud in 48 hours or less.

Pre-Installed Software

Your Litmis Space includes everything you need to get started - ILE compilers, IBM Backup Recovery and Media Services for i (BRMS), IBM HTTP Server for i, IBM Developer Kit for Java, IBM i Open Source Solutions (5733OPS), IBM Performance Tools for i, IBM Query for i, IBM Portable Utilities for i, DB2 Query Mgr and SQL DevKit.

Always Up-to-Date

Once your systems have been moved to the cloud, you won't have to worry about you can ensure your system is kept up-to-date with our Cumulative PTF Installation Service.

Configure your System

Use the tool below to enter your specs and see your costs

 Configure Your IBM i (AS/400, iSeries, System i)

NOTE: Navigator for i runs very slow on the smallest machines.

CPW $/month per CPW


RAM $/month per GB


Default memory included at CPW intervals:
2GB480 - 960 CPW
4GB1440 - 3360 CPW
8GB3840 - 7200 CPW

Disk $/month per GB


IBM i Operating System Version

Delivery time may vary depending on operating system version selected.

Virtual Tape Library (VTL) Backups with BRMS


You will manage your own backups.
Large-volume VTL storage, ideal for systems that require robust backups or for plans with long retention periods.

Base: $108/month for the first 500GB.

Additional: $48.60/month for each additional 1TB.
VTL increments of 250GB; works best for smaller systems, or systems that do not need to keep long-term backups.

Base: $37.80/month for the first 250GB.

Additional: $32.40/month for each additional 250GB.

Cumulative PTF Installation Service


You will manage and install PTFs on your own system.
Our team will install Cumulative PTFs on your system once per year.

Cost: $67.50/month
Our team will install Cumulative PTFs on your system twice per year (every six months).

Cost: $128.25/month
Our team will install Cumulative PTFs on your system four times per year (every three months).

Cost: $249.75/month

Firewall and VPN


Included in base package. Basic customer-controlled, browser-accessible firewall. Configured by default to limit access to only specifically allowed IP addresses, but can be configured for general access. Can be configured for a Site-to-Site IPSec tunnel.

Cost: $0/month
Full-featured, customer-controlled, browser-accessible firewall with support for restricted SSL VPN client access. Automated protection against network flooding and malicious connection attempts. Easily configure a Site-to-Site IPSec tunnel.

Base: $64.80/month (includes one user)

Additional: $2.70/month for each additional user.

Total $

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